The 3 Scientific Body Types of Women


The 3 Scientific Body Types of Women

Do you know your body type?

Most women don’t know this, but every woman’s body type falls under one of three scientific categories…

The 3 Scientific Body Types of Women: Identify your body type, learn how responsive it is to certain foods, and adjust your workout plan accordingly | Health and Happy Hour.
Our friends at The Health Nerd have also made an awesome video on this topic, so make sure to check it out: 6 Best Weight Loss Tips Backed by Science

Your natural body type is formed based on the hormones you produce and the genes from your parents.

While each body type is very different, they can all achieve a beautiful figure with proper diet and training.


3 Scientific Body Types of Women | Health and Happy Hour


The cool thing is, there are some tips and tricks you can use for your particular type… This can help get you lose weight and get into shape faster.

Check out the body types below and identify yours!






Are you someone who finds it difficult to gain weight, but also doesn’t have many curves?

If you gain weight at a much slower rate than those around you, chances are, you’re an ectomorph.

You have a small bone structure and a fast metabolism. 

A great ectomorph celebrity example is Cameron Diaz:

Cameron Diaz Bikini Body | Health and Happy Hour

Note* – Check out Cameron Diaz’s best selling fitness book, The Body Book. I’ve reviewed a lot of fitness books by celebrities and this has to be one of the best I’ve ever found.

Ectomorph like Cameron will naturally have:

  • Narrow shoulders and hips.
  • A thin and narrow face, with a high forehead.
  • A thin and narrow chest and abdomen.
  • Very little body fat.
  • Thin legs and arms.

Here are some of the tricks and tips to maximizing your body type:

  • You likely respond well to eating carbohydrates so there’s no real need to fear them when losing weight. Use our 60-second diet plan for reference.
  • Add some HIIT (High intensity interval training) into your routine for cardio because it is extremely effective and you’ll likely do well with it. 
  • Don’t go too crazy weight training and protect your joints – your body really wasn’t made to lift crazy heavy things! Stick to circuit workouts like the one’s found in the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge by our friends at Avocadu. 



Mesomorph | Health and Happy Hour

Are you someone who naturally has more muscle than her friends?

Mesomorphs are defined by having a naturally muscular and curvy physique.

Mesomorphs may have a little bit of a gut or body fat if they’re not careful and are built similarly to a gymnast.

A great celebrity example of a mesomorph is Michelle Rodriguez from the Fast and Furious movies:

Michelle Rodriguez | Health and Happy Hour

A Mesomorph will naturally have:

  • Broad shoulders.
  • More muscular and curvy body.
  • Medium amount of body fat
  • Long torso, full chest, and a good shoulder to waist ratio.

Here are some of the tricks and tips to maximizing your body type:

  • Medium carbohydrate responder – have some (50-150G a day), but don’t go too crazy with your carbohydrates when losing weight.
  • Warning: Lifting weights will probably make you “bulky.”  It depends on what you want for you body, but you should be aware of this.  We have a 30 minute hourglass curves workout you may enjoy…
  • Consider intense but brief (30 min) circuit training workouts instead.

download (2)

Are you someone who no matter how many times you go to the gym, you just can’t seem to lose anything?

Endomorphs are defined by having everything and then some.

You have a thicker body type than most girls and probably a bigger bone structure.

A great endomorph celebrity example is Kim Kardashian West:

Kim Kardashian | Health and Happy Hour

Fun fact: Kim Kardashian’s sister Khloe recently wrote a book called Strong Looks Better Naked… It’s not very good…

An endomorph will naturally have:

  • Wide hips and narrow shoulders, which will make them appear rather pear-shaped.
  • A larger amount of fat across the body, including upper arms and thighs.
  • Wide bone structure.
  • Slower metabolism.
  • Weight gain is easy, though fat loss is difficult.
  • Tends to store fat, which hides muscle gains.

Here are some of the tricks and tips to maximizing your body type:

  • Often a poor carbohydrate responder.  If you’re cutting calories, exercising, and not losing weight – drop the carbs!
  • Same as Mesomorph, be wary of heavy weight training.  Your body type can bulk up easily.
  • If you’re having problems losing weight in general, check out the top fat fat burners as they may give you a needed edge. 


Some final thoughts…

You need to understand the obvious.  You are all different.  Each woman comes with her own special design that should be appreciated.

Regardless of a woman’s natural body make-up, all of the examples above clearly have outstanding bodies.  99% of the population would recognize these women as beautiful despite their unending differences.

You can love who you are by realizing that anyone can achieve a beautiful physique.

Thankfully, the right material on diet, training, and supplements you can lose the extra weight on your particular body type and end up looking stunning!

Keep it simple:


  • Ectomorph – Skinny Frame (Cameron Diaz). Responds well to carbohydrates and be careful heavy weight lifting when losing weight.
  • Mesomorph – Muscular Frame (Michelle Rodriguez). Medium response to carbohydrates and needs to be careful of getting bulky.
  • Endomorph – Bigger Frame (Kim Kardashian). Poor carbohydrate responder so avoid them when losing weight!If you’re interested in healthy tips to lose weight fast, our friends at The Health Nerd have made an awesome Youtube video on weight loss tips!


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