12 Core Exercises For A Complete Tummy Makeover


12 Core Exercises for A Complete Tummy Makeover

Let’s get real… If you had to choose between having toned arms, a bubble butt, or a flat stomach which would you choose?

Go ahead… I’ll wait… Got your answer?

We all know it…

The flat stomach.

12 Core Exercises For A Complete Tummy Makeover | Health and Happy Hour

Having toned arms but still having a flabby stomach is like having a date with Ryan Reynolds but your dad has to be there…

It’s not the same.

Here’s exactly how you get it:

#1. Have a great diet!

There is no substitute for eating healthy and nutritious foods!

Eating foods like our Quick and Healthy Kale Edamame Salad and learning more about healthy eating with books like Wheat Belly will get you your abs faster than anything else!

#2 – Do these core exercises.

While they come second to a great diet, they are important for shaping your stomach to look firm yet slim!

So without further ado, here are the 15 core exercises for a complete tummy makeover:

1. Russian Twists

The biggest mistake women make with this exercise is not keeping their backs flat and hunching over. Keep that back straight and press your chest out.

Exercise: Start with 3 sets for 20 repetitions total (move slowly).

2. Straight Leg Kicks

Painfully effective, this exercise can hit those hard to get lower abs everyone wants.

Exercise: Start with 3 sets for 10 repetitions total (move slowly).

3. Side Planks

You can use your hand or your elbow to hold yourself in place.

Exercise: Start with 3 sets on each side and hold for 30 seconds total.

4. Supermans

Back fat is about as sexy as a pair of bright yellow crocks.! So don’t neglect it as it’s a part of your core.

Exercise: Start with 4 sets for 10 repetitions total.

5. Scissor Kicks

Bonus points for keeping eye contact with your workout partner and not laughing while doing this exercise.

Exercise: Start with 4 sets for 20 repetitions total.


6. Plank Jacks

Start in the regular plank position and simply jump you legs out to the sides. Keep alternating legs in and legs out.

Exercise: Start with 3 sets for 30 repetitions total.

7. Flutter Kicks

The goal here is to keep your lower back on the ground and not to let your lower leg touch the ground before alternating kicks. Exercise: Start with 2 sets for 20 repetitions total.

8. Plank Ups

Sexy shoulders look AWESOME in strapless dresses, and this exercise will hit both your abs and your shoulders. Exercise: Start with 3 sets for 20 repetitions total.

9. Side Plank Hip Dips

“I Drop, my hip, then wave, then sip…” This is another great core exercise to kill off that pesky muffin top. Exercise: Start with 3 sets for 20 repetitions total.

10. Bicycle Kicks

This is the #1 rated abs exercise for effectiveness in the world! Whoop! The only thing to watch out for is that you move to quickly thought the movement. Go SLOWLY and emphasize each rep. Start with 3 sets for 35 repetitions on each leg.

11. Regular Planks

A classic and good reason for it. Regular planks will harden your stomach without adding any bulk to the muscles. Exercise: Start with 3 sets for 45 seconds a piece. Progress once that becomes easy.

12. Mountain Climbers

Hated by girls everywhere, this exercise will not only make your heart race, if you’re doing it right, it will also work your abs. Just make sure you’re SQUEEZING those abs on each rep! Start with 3 sets for 40 repetitions on each leg.

Warning: Be carful with your new abs. Likely side effects include:

– Confidence
– Exes unexpectedly contacting you
– Jealous mutterings when you walk by in a bikini
– Dates
– Body shot requests
– Shopping expeditions for tighter clothes
– Traffic pileups

Please use your abs responsibly…

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