60 Second Diet Plan for Fast Weight Loss


The 60 Second Diet Plan For Women

Hey ladies!

Here’s the quickest little diet plan around. 🙂

.60 Second Diet Plan for Fast Fat Loss for Women | Health and Happy Hour

Our friends at The Health Nerd have also made an awesome video on this topic, so make sure to check it out: How to Lose Weight Fast – 5 Simple Steps, Backed by Science!

Step 1 – Determine your goal body weight.

Most of us have a general idea of how much we want to weight, so just use that number if you got it!

If you’re unsure, just take 10 pounds off for every dress size you’d like to go down. So if you’re a size 10, weight 155lbs and want to get to a size 6, you’d want to lose around 20 pounds and your goal weight should be 135lbs. 🙂

Remember, your ideal size and shape will depend on your own personal body type!

Step 2 – Once you have your goal body weight, plug it into the calculator below.

In the calculator, you will be able to determine your exact calorie intake including your daily needs for carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

Calorie Calculator and Goal Setting Scheduler! (Excel spreadsheet)

Here’s what each means:

Aggressive Fat Loss (2+ pounds per week) Start here.  If you find yourself binge eating or unable to stick with the diet, move onto regular fat loss.

Regular Fat Loss (1-2 pounds per week) – This is a more normal approach to fat loss and is a bit slower process than the aggressive approach.

Maintain current weight – Once you reach your fat loss goal and goal weight, you will up your calories for maintenance and optimal functioning.  It’s an INCREDIBLE feeling.

Slow bulk (1-2 pounds per month) – If you’re interested in muscle gain, use this calculation.  The maximum amount of muscle you can gain in a month is 1-2 pounds, so this is the right calculation to help you gain muscle without adding fat.

Step 3 – Eat lots of these suggested foods.

They have been selected based on satiety, nutrient density, and overall nutrition profiles.

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Wild rice
  • Quinoa
  • Any vegetable under the sun
  • Whole pieces of fruit (Apple, Orange, Etc)
Anticipated Questions


How do I track my calories?

My favorite way to track is with an app called My Fitness Pal or to use a Fitbit.

The Fit Bit is an INCREDIBLE tool to track your calories, sleep patterns, steps, and overall health. Click here to see it on Amazon.

What about low-carb?

There is nothing in science or real literature to suggest that weight loss has to do with anything other than being in a caloric deficit (studies). That being said, if you’re not working out at all, a lower carb approach can be effective once you have hit a weight loss plateau!

Start by eating carbs and only take them away once you get stuck. 🙂

What about food “X,” I heard it’s really good for you. 

That’s fine!  If it fits in your calories, it’s probably a-ok to eat.  Go for it!

Another easy weight loss tool to implement is a goals planning book and diet journal to track your progress and help you stick to your goals.

If you’re interested in healthy tips to lose weight fast, our friends at The Health Nerd have made an awesome Youtube video on weight loss tips!


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