About Health and Happy Hour

Hey there! My name is Lauren Elise, and I’m the woman behind Health and Happy Hour!

Lauren Elise at Health and Happy Hour

I’m going to keep this brief because I want this blog to be about YOU – not me.

The goal of this blog is to help guide YOU through the journey to happy and healthy weight loss – and the total mind and body transformation you seek.

I run this website with my busines partner, Alex, who is a certified personal trainer (CSCS, NESTA, ISSA, Cooper) and we are both incredibly passionate about helping others become the healthiest versions of themselves.

I was previously a very strict vegan for two years (mostly raw, gluten-free, no processed foods — yeah, pretty strict). I didn’t do it for the animals or for the environment, although I think that those are GREAT causes. I did it for health and dieting reasons and to learn what it was all about.

I enjoyed it for a time, but it was ultimately too restrictive and low-calorie for me (I have minor reactions to the best sources of healthy fats – avocados and nuts).

In addition to being a vegan, I have also tried the Paleo diet, Whole 30 Diet, and everything in between. I have learned a LOT along the way, and it’s from these experiences that I co-authored multiple weight loss programs with my business partner, Alex.


The Health and Happy Hour Team 🙂