About Health and Happy Hour

“Passionate about YOU.”

At Health and Happy Hour we don’t really like to talk about ourselves too much… The purpose of this website is to be about YOU and the transformation you’re looking to accomplish through your health and fitness.

Here are the things we’re looking to accomplish with this website:

Providing YOU the most engaging content around for health and fitness!

Showing YOU how awesome and fun being healthy can be when you’re doing it right!

Giving YOU insights to products that can help you on your journey!

Connecting YOU with other amazing fitness and health contributors!

We are:

REAL – We’re just normal people who just happen to love health and fitness.

FUN – We think fitness should be fun and not bore you.

LEGIT – We cite every single fact we use, because science! 😛

A female friend of ours shared a thought that we think is totally awesome:

“You will only be as sexy as you feel and the only way to feel sexy is to take care of your body.  Own it.  Love it.  Discipline it.”

Got to love that. 🙂

In summary: fitness and being healthy is tough… we make it easier.

With Love,

Health and Happy Hour