3 Scientific Body Types of Women

The 3 Scientific Body Types of Women

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Knowing the three scientific body types of women and which category you fall under can help you identify what types of diet and workout plans are best for your body to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Understanding the 3 scientific body types of women can help you identify your body type, adjust your diet and workouts, and lose weight faster! | Health and Happy Hour

Do you know what your body type is?

Most women don’t know this, but every woman’s body type falls under one of three scientific categories. Your natural body type is formed based on the hormones you produce and your genetics.

While each body type is very different, they are all beautiful in their own right and can look healthy and fit with the right diet and training.

3 Scientific Body Types of Women | Health and Happy Hour

Knowing what your body type is and that there ARE different kinds of body types can be helpful when it comes to setting proper expectations. What I mean is that if you are one particular body type, you can’t expect your body to EVER look like a different body type.

There is a reason that supermodels all look the same… They all have the same body type!

Those that have a different body type can’t expect to look like a supermodel’s body type, no matter how much weight they lose.

A better way to set expectations is to find someone that you think is beautiful, healthy, and fit that also has the SAME body type as you and let their body be your goal.

Of course, be careful when comparing yourself to others. It can lead to a very dark road. I simply mean to find someone that you can look up to for inspiration whose figure is in the realm of possibility for YOUR body!

Check out the body types below and try to identify yours!


If you’re not quite sure, don’t worry. Let’s talk about all three body types below and how they are different for each other.



Are you someone who finds it difficult to gain weight, but also doesn’t have many curves? If you gain weight at a much slower rate than those around you, chances are, you’re an ectomorph.

You have a small bone structure and a fast metabolism.

Ectomorphs generally have the following natural features:

  • Narrow shoulders and hips
  • A thin and narrow face, with a high forehead
  • A thin and narrow chest and abdomen
  • Very little body fat
  • Thin legs and arms

A great ectomorph celebrity example is Cameron Diaz:

Cameron Diaz Bikini Body | Health and Happy Hour

Note* – If you’re a fan of Cameron Diaz, you should also check out her best-selling book, The Body Book.

Here are some of the tricks and tips for maximizing your diet and fitness routine for your body type:

  • You likely respond better than others carbohydrates, so there is less of a real need to fear them when losing weight. Use our 60-second diet plan for reference.
  • Add some HIIT (high-intensity interval training) into your routine for cardio because it is extremely effective and you’ll likely do well with it.
  • Don’t go too crazy with weight training and make sure to protect your joints. Your body really wasn’t built to lift crazy heavy things!


Mesomorph | Health and Happy Hour

Are you someone who naturally has more muscle than her friends? Mesomorphs are defined by having a naturally muscular and curvy physique.

Mesomorphs tend to carry a little more body fat if they aren’t very careful and are built like gymnasts.

Mesomorphs generally have the following natural features:

  • Broad shoulders
  • More muscular and curvy body
  • Medium amount of body fat
  • Long torso, full chest, and a good shoulder to waist ratio

A great celebrity example of a mesomorph is Michelle Rodriguez from the Fast and Furious movies:

Michelle Rodriguez | Health and Happy Hour

Here are some of the tricks and tips for maximizing your diet and fitness routine for your body type:

  • You are a medium carbohydrate responder and can have some (50-150 grams a day), but don’t go too crazy with your carbohydrates when losing weight.
  • Lifting weights is a great workout for you because you will put on muscle much faster than your ectomorph friends like Cameron Diaz, although if you’re worried about looking “stocky” or “bulky” try HIIT instead.
  • Consider intense but brief (30-min) circuit training workouts instead.


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Are you someone who no matter how many times you go to the gym, you just can’t seem to lose anything?

Endomorphs are defined by having everything and then some. You have a thicker body type than most girls and probably a bigger bone structure.

Endomorphs generally have the following natural features:

  • Wide hips and narrow shoulders, which will make them appear rather pear-shaped
  • A larger amount of fat across the body, including upper arms and thighs
  • Wide bone structure
  • Slower metabolism
  • Weight gain is easy, though fat loss is difficult
  • Tends to store fat, which hides muscle gains

A great endomorph celebrity example is Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian | Health and Happy Hour

Here are some of the tricks and tips for maximizing your diet and fitness routine for your body type:

  • Bad news… You’re generally a very poor responder to carbohydrates.  If you have tried cutting calories, exercising, and you’re still not losing weight – drop the carbs!
  • You’ll do better with a combination of HIIT workouts and weight training to help build muscle which in turn helps burn fat.
  • Weight loss and maintenance will be more difficult for you, so you will need a stricter diet to lose weight as quickly as your ectomorph and mesomorph friends, Cameron and Michelle.

A carbohydrate detox is a MUST for you if you are struggling to lose weight – paired with a temporarily restrictive diet until you get back on track again.

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